I help the owners of small businesses clarify where it is they want to go, andcoach them in proven techniques to get them there. One-on-one.


I believe that:


 >   people learn by 'doing'


 >   practicing under my guidance accelerates the process


 >   fundamental change is beyond the scope of a seminar or a consultant's report


 >   my process is not for everyone; not everyone is coachable


 >   effective coaching requires brutal honesty and the application of discipline


 >   that which cannot - or will not - be measured cannot be improved


 >   effective leaders understand their own behaviour as well as that of others


 >   business life and personal life are inextricable and should be in balance


 >   only my clients can tell me whether we've achieved our objectives



The success of my clients will serve as inspiration for other owner/managers of small businesses throughout North America.






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People learn by doing
did you learn to ride a bike by attending a seminar? By reading a consultant's report? 
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