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you have a burning desire to win and the willingness to discard what hasn't worked in the past
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I work with small businesses. To be precise, I work with the owner/managers of small businesses (one to seventy-five employees) who have a bias for getting things done. Owner/managers tend to have the final say, and I like that.


My patience does not extend to waiting for a head office go-ahead. Similarly, I will not waste time helping you develop pie charts to satisfy a corporate planning department. If your situation, mindset and personality have a bureaucratic bias, there are numerous government and quasi-government agencies out there that can satisfy your needs. I am not for you.


If you have a burning desire to win, the willingness to discard what hasn't worked in the past, and your business has between one and seventy-five employees - I would like to hear from you!


The following situations, industries and services, among others, are of particular interest:


* startups & windups                                                 

* partnerships                                                            

* acquisitions, divestitures & mergers                      *be sure to see  'succession & exit'

* turnarounds                                                             

* IPO's                                                                       

* franchise development                                                       


mining consumables

machine shops

cylinder shops

remanufacture and exchange

non-OEM parts

export development


equipment distribution

retail stores

software development

computer repairs

marine manufacturing

foreign operations

landscape maintenance


outdoor power equipment

financial services

appliance sales

IT services

high-ticket consumer goods

website developers


public accounting practices

consulting practices

household appliances

mining machinery

asphalt maintenance

roadbuilding equipment


used equipment

marine sales & service

equipment rental operations

distribution/dealer development

electrical supplies


computer manufacture & assembly  




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