JP's business career began in public accounting, but he soon shifted gears and moved into and through sales, marketing, materials management, business planning, general management and into senior executive positions. He was one of the youngest VP's in the history of a prominent multinational corporation, managed wholly-owned subsidiaries based throughout Latin America for another multinational and has managed through mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. He was a key player in one of SW Ontario's most successful LBO to IPO success stories.


Jay has managed companies in sizes ranging from startup to being president/CEO of a billion dollar corporation. He has managed both direct sales forces and independent dealer networks - racking up national export awards, market share increases and achieving dramatic shifts in both dealer and employee satisfaction along the way. JP has been a guest speaker at events hosted by CIDA, EDC and various export forums across Canada.


The companies Jay has been associated with include BoartCanada (Anglo American), Jarvis Clark (CIL, Baker-Hughes, Eimco Jarvis Clark, now Tamrock Loaders), Champion Road Machinery (Volvo Motorgraders) and Volvo CE - of which he was President and CEO for North America, based in Asheville NC. JP was a founding board member of the Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export, and has served on numerous other boards both domestically and internationally.


No stranger to challenges, Jay's name became connected with turnarounds in one form or another. Early in his career he learned that these situations invariably require attention to at least two of the three elements that later became his Pillars of Profitable Enterprises (TM). He also learned that the Pillars apply to all enterprises be they large or small, public or private, start-up or decades old.


In 2003 JP decided to turn his attention back to owner-managed enterprises and since then has made his expertise available to a wide group of entrepreneurs.


Jay is a graduate of McMaster University (B.A. Political Science) and Toronto's York University (MBA), whose business school has been recognized as one of the top 20 in the world by Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Business Week and the Economist.




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