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Do you own your business - or does your business own you?
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Ask yourself - honestly: "Which of the following apply to me and my business?"


1. Finding good people is tough; keeping them is even tougher

2. We spend a lot of time reworking, fixing errors and firefighting

3. My goals lack written actions, measurements and timelines

4. I'm not sure how to measure the effectiveness of my advertising

5. My sales are inconsistent - and not high enough

6. Cash is often tight

7. Quality is not always what I'd like it to be

8. I spend little time or money improving my own skills

9. I have no time for the things I enjoy most and am best at

10. My family would like more time with me

11. I spend too much time 'working' and not enough 'managing'

12. It seems my business owns me instead of the other way around

13. I worry about selling my business for its real value

14. My customers only seem to be concerned about price



If four or more of the above apply to you and your business, it's a good bet you've already attempted corrective actions. Typical approaches include attending seminars, establishing priorities and 'to do' lists, engaging consultants and seeking advice from a family member or perhaps your accountant or another technical professional. If any of these worked for you and solved your problem(s), congratulations! If not, then you might consider Roszell & Associates.


Quite frankly, chances are good that I've been where you are now - been there, done that - and I know what to do. I'll work with you, not lecture you, to teach you how to fix the problem.


The gains, because you will achieve them yourself, are permanent


Why wait? It's costing you time & money!




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