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There are NINE reasons to exit a business, and ELEVEN alternatives to selling it
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It can take up to two years to prepare and then sell your business, particularly if your business is underperforming. And selling is not even the best or only option in all cases.


The 'age bulge' of baby boomer business owners has reached the point where many are contemplating exiting their businesses. The result is too many sellers - not enough buyers. What does this mean for you?


If your business:


        >   struggles from year to year

        >    requires constant attention and long, long hours

        >    never seems to attract and retain good people


then you will have trouble selling it at any price. Contact me to find out how I can help


If your business:


       >    generates returns in the top 25% of its category

        >    allows you to work on it instead of in it

        >    attracts and keeps motivated, knowledgeable people


you will have less trouble selling it - but may still find the market undervalues it. Contact me to find out how I can help


There are at least nine reasons to exit a business, and there are at least eleven alternatives to actually selling it. The complexities can be overwhelming, but I can help you through them. I can help you because I've been through this before, and I know that it's more complex than applying a formula to an earnings stream or simply looking at the book value.


Get in touch with me today.


If I can't help you, I'll say so.


What could be simpler than that?



The top 15 questions you need to ask yourself if you are thinking of exiting your business:


>    what are my alternatives to selling out?

>    what is my business worth right now?

>    do I understand the fallacy of the 'book value' scenario?

>    what could my business be worth?

>    do I understand the buyer's value equation?

>    do I know the difference between a business and a GOOD business?

>    how do I market my business?

>    how do I identify and evaluate potential purchasers / successors?

>    how do I recognize a legitimate buyer?

>    which type of buyer will pay me the most?

>    do I know how to select and manage advisors?

>    do I understand transaction structures?

>    what financing options do I have?

>    how do I handle my family transition?

>    what will my life after business be like?








Succession Planning is more complex than simply deciding who gets the business


1.  If you died or became incapacitated tomorrow, would your business continue?


2. Do you have employees in place who can sustain the business through an orderly transition?


3. If your plan is to pass the business on to one or more of your children, have you addressed:

>    estate planning

>    will preparation

>    retirement planning (how much do you need?)

>    tax planning

>    valuation

>    successor competence

>    risk

>    concerns of 'the rest' of the family

>    concerns of employees

>    timing and key points of the transition


'Succession' is a critical element of owning a business - not simply a means of exiting it. It is a process and should be viewed that way. I can help you through the development and implementation of a succession plan, including dealing with family members whether 'in the business' or not.


The first step is to determine, clarify, quantify and prioritize your objectives so that a holistic approach is undertaken.


I then work specifically with you to coordinate (and select, if necessary) your team of professionals (lawyer, accountant, financial planner, etc.) on the technical aspects of the plan. Should you prefer, I can refer you to qualified professionals who I regularly work with who are experienced in the nuances of succession issues.


Communication and implementation are the final steps.


Can I help? Not unless you contact me early enough to complete the process.


Contact me today. If I can't help you, I'll say so.



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