The Golden Reckoning
J P Roszell
J P Roszell © 2010
Hogg Valley Press
318 pages
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1. the act or an instance of reckoning; as an account or bill

2. a settling of accounts

3. a summing up

4. to take into account or deal with

Dexter Snell inherits a fortune and squanders it on an extravagant, obscene lifestyle in Key West. When he attempts to rebuild his life in a simpler, gentler fashion in a primitive stone cottage on the Caribbean island of Cayman Brac he is swept up in a vendetta that began 67 years ago.


The Golden Reckoning is the gripping story of Dexterís search for love, truth and the secret that will clear his fatherís name and avenge his horrible death. It rolls through the Caribbean like a hurricane, from the dark world of the Colombian cocaine cartels back to Key West, and changes Dexter Snell forever.

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