I have been described as a dynamic, innovative leader and have managed companies ranging in size from a start-up to becoming president/CEO of a billion-dollar corporation…

Over the years, I have been associated with companies such as Boart Canada (Anglo American), Jarvis Clark (CIL, Baker-Hughes, Eimco Jarvis Clark, now Tamrock Loaders), Champion Road Machinery, Volvo CE – of which I was President and CEO for North America, based in Asheville NC – Launchlife International (Academy of Learning), and Anderson College. 

I was a founding board member of OMESE (now CAMESE – Canadian Association of Mining Equipment and Services for Export) and served on numerous other boards, both domestic and international as well as representing diverse sectors. These included the Association of Equipment Manufacturers and its predecessor the Equipment Manufacturers Institute, Career Colleges Ontario, The National Association of Career Colleges and the boards of various Volvo companies.  At various times, I was the chairperson and an executive committee member of many of these boards.

I graduated from McMaster University and then after working for a number of years returned to school to earn an MBA from Toronto’s York University, whose Schulich School of Business has at various times been recognized as one of the best in the world by Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Business Week and the Economist.

In summary, during my career I have:

  • served on numerous boards – both private and those of associations; 
  • operated at the highest political and bureaucratic levels, both domestically and internationally; 
  • developed strong leadership teams; 
  • transformed weak cultures into strong cultures and built and led sales and marketing functions; 
  • developed export markets / won export awards; 
  • started companies, bought and sold companies; 
  • strengthened cash flows and profits; 
  • developed succession plans; 
  • participated as a key member of IPO and LBO teams; 
  • been president / CEO of a $bn (sales) company; 
  • initiated and launched a successful US/Canadian-based franchise business; and
  • coached, mentored and advised the owners and CEO’s of numerous small to medium-sized enterprises as well as individuals engaged in professional services.
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